Howie Goes to Hollywood web series

Howie Goes to Hollywood is a comedy web series airing Nov. 30th, 2018. You've never seen a talk show quite like this before!

Our Cast

Howie Goes To Hollywood has an amazing cast, filled with diverse and talented actors. Come find out what our cast has been up to lately.


Watch episode 1, IT'S STILL TOO BIG!, and find out details about all 7 of our fabulous episodes. Each, funny and unique. You've never seen a talk show quite like this before.

How did Howie Come to Be?

Want the inside scoop on how
Howie was written and became a web series?
Well, it's a very interesting story...
plus we have a fun gallery of on-set photos.

Watch the trailer for HOWIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD

Meet Howie Dumbar. He's a wanna-be Hollywood talk show host who runs a fledgling
youtube channel out of his parents' garage. He's having a little trouble finding his footing,
but I'm sure with your viewing support he'll make it to the top! 

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Howie Goes to Hollywood


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