We at Howie Goes to Hollywood are proud to introduce you to our fabulously talented cast.
Each one brought something very special to their role. We are privileged
to have each and every one of them as part of the Howie family.

Andre Kincaid

Andre Kincaid plays the lead role of Howie Dumbar.  Andre is funny, gifted, charming, and multi-talented. Besides acting, he's also a writer, producer and host. You can currently catch him on episodes, as the host, of Scoobies Do Movies.

Drunette Hill

Drunette Hill plays Howie's mother, and stars in 5 episodes in season 1. She is a gifted comedienne, with a 100 watt smile.  Her flair for comedic timing is getting her noticed and booked. We expect to see a lot of her in 2019.

Rodney Allan Rippy

Rodney Allan Rippy stars as himself in Episodes 1 & 5. In the 1970s, he was the biggest child actor in the world, starring in numerous TV shows and films, plus he was the National spokesperson for Jack in the Box. He's still just as funny 

and talented as ever.

Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher plays Oscar Shelby in episode 3, Two Thumbs Down.  His resume is numerous and impr

Patrick Gallagher plays Oscar Shelby in episode 3, "A Sinking Ship."  His resume is numerous and impressive; Patrick has starred in Glee, Night at the Museum (1,2 & 3), True Blood, and Sideways, etc. He's an award winning actor, and we are thrilled to have him as part of the Howie cast. 

Robert Bradavica

Robert Bradavica stars as Adam Schiffler in
episode 2, "Two Thumbs Down."  This is his second collaboration with Elissa Hofelt, the first being the comedy short film, Eating Matzoh in 2011, when Robert was just 14 years old. Robert is theatrically  trained and based out of NYC. 

Lazarus Guidry

Lazarus Guidry plays himself in episode 4, "All Rapped Up." Lazarus has many talents; he's a gifted actor, model and rapper.  He has an impressive resume, starring in numerous TV and films, including 2015's Straight Outta Compton. He was also featured on the soundtrack of Alpha Dog starring Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone and Justin Timberlake. 

Derrick T. Tuggle

Derrick T. Tuggle plays Uncle D in episode 4, "All Rapped Up." Derrick's credits are astounding, with him being in two viral videos, starring in The Black Keys - Lonely Boy, (over 75 Million Views), and Pharrell Williams - Happy, (over 150 Million Views).
We hope he puts his magic touch
on Howie as well. 

Hannah Schrom

Hannah plays Lauren Cohen on episode 5,
"It's not me."  Besides being an amazing comedienne, she  is a certified stunt driving actor. You can see her driving skills in the blockbuster film Suicide Squad.  Elissa Hofelt met Hannah at an acting showcase and spotted her as an up and coming talent.

Laloni Bradford

Laloni Bradford plays Lola Cherry in episode 5, "After the Chicken Wings." Laloni's talent runs in the family; her younger brother, Storm Taylor is in episode 2.  Laloni is super talented and funny, and produces and
stars in her very own popular
Instagram videos, Totally_Lai.  

Storm Taylor

Storm plays the disgruntled pizza boy in episode 2, "Two Thumbs Down." He began his acting career alongside his sister, Laloni Bradford (Ep. 5) in her very funny instagram videos.  Ms. Hofelt saw him in one of those videos and knew he would be perfect as the pizza boy. He may only be 13, but his natural acting ability assures him a long, fruitful career.

Elissa Hofelt - Writer/Director

Elissa Hofelt is the writer/director of Howie Goes to Hollywood. Elissa was brought up in the industry, and naturally learned from her father who was a well known television director.  She was also a child actress, but quickly figured out that she was better behind the camera.  Today, Elissa mostly writes comedies, and currently has a romcom holiday feature being shopped around.